Do succulents need root trimming when repotting?

When repotting succulents, it may be necessary to trim their roots depending on different situations. If the succulent has been planted for a short period of time and is growing well, such as two to three months or less than half a year, there is no need to replace the soil. It is recommended to keep the roots and soil together and avoid damaging the root system while repotting to ensure the succulent continues to thrive.

If the succulent has been planted for more than half a year or up to two years, it is recommended to change the soil, trim the roots appropriately, and let them dry for a few days in a bright and ventilated area without direct sunlight. After the wounds have healed, the succulent can be replanted to promote healthy growth. 

In cases where the succulent is not growing well after repotting, root pruning may be necessary. For older plants, the root system at the bottom may be completely necrotic. Peeling off part of the epidermis from the long root system of a Aeonium can stimulate rooting. 

Lastly, if repotting is done at an inappropriate time, such as during the summer, it is important to consider maintaining the integrity of the root system and medium when transferring to a new pot, as long as the succulent is in good condition. However, if there is root rot or stem rot, complete root pruning measures should be taken.