Name: Aeonium Ice warrior variegata

Female parent: Aeonium Ice warrior

Discovered by: A greenhouse owner in Fujian China

Breeder: Greenhouse

Nurturing time: in 2022

Plant characteristics: Its main body is bright yellow, the edges of the leaves are red, and the variegated edges of the leaves are wavy, lace-like.Strengthen the light and maintenance, and the color of brocade spots will change from bright yellow to pink! And it won’t fade in summer!The Aeonium Ice warrior variegata is a large mage breed, with a maximum leaf diameter of about 50 cm, and the ability to grow side buds is average, comparable to that of Aeonium Voodoo !Compared with his parents, the Ice warrior variegata has exactly the same leaf shape except for the difference in color, which means that the Ice warrior variegata did not change the shape of the leaf because of the Variegated variation